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Edward Ewald, MD
East Granby Family Practice, LLC
13 Church Street
East Granby, CT 06026

Dr. Ewald,
I was very surprised by your letter immediately terminating me, Harvey Edwards, from your practice. Contrary to your statement in your letter I had no difference of opinion in the medical care I received.  My provider, MaryAnn Webster and I got along quite well. I found her to be a provider concerned with my well-being and care especially as there was an issue with my kidneys and she was also working with me to reduce my dosage of clonazepam. And there was,I believe, a mutual respect.

I had instructed the pharmacy to fax a request for my clonazepam to be refilled several days prior to my phone call on Friday, January 19. I called on Friday, the 19th because CVS did not receive anything from your office. Unfortunately, Kate answered the phone. I asked that my clonazepam be filled, she replied that MaryAnn wouldn’t be in until Monday and she didn’t know if it could be refilled before then. I said I knew she was out but that it needed to be refilled that day as I was already out and that I expected that it had been already refilled. When I called back later to make sure that it was refilled, I told her that it must be filled that day and reiterated that it MUST be filled that day as I could not be totally out of that medication for three full days. She said I was being “snotty”. Hardly a professional response to someone, anyone, who needed necessary medication to be refilled. When I asked to speak to the office manager she refused to transfer me saying that the request was already on her desk.

This was the second unpleasant and totally unprofessional interaction with Kate. Back In September I spoke with her concerning a discrepancy in the amount of Clonazepam that was ordered based on a  previous conversation I had with MaryAnn Webster. When I explained that I thought the amount ordered was incorrect she responded in a very sarcastic tone “What, you don’t think 120 pills is enough for seventeen days?”  When this was mentioned to MaryAnn Webster she knew, before a name was mentioned, exactly to whom I was referring and said that there were multiple complaints about her. Kate should have been fired on the spot for refusing to allow a patient to speak with the office manager or for speaking to a patient in such a manner (more than once). She was unprofessional, rude and I’m sure totally misconstrued the conversation she had with me thus causing the termination.

Dr. Edwald, you should have known and been fully aware of the serious consequences of stopping this medication abruptly. I would have been without my medication for over three days had I not been so persistent that it be refilled that day. The results of stopping this medication would result in extreme vertigo, severe depression and or seizures. I definitely would have wound up in the hospital. If the office wanted MaryAnn Webster to refill this medication a script for the three days could have been given to me until MaryAnn returned to the office but instead you decided to just terminate me immediately from the practice.

I believe that any patient, in any practice, facing the same ramifications of stopping this particular medication so abruptly would be just as adamant that this medication be filled.

In addition, Mary Ann Webster was treating me for issues with my kidneys. She gave me the name of a specialist she wanted me to see almost immediately. This was based on two urine samples. I was already dealing with anxiety, this pronouncement from her was extremely stressful and disquieting. My wife and I decided that I would start on a specific diet for someone with a kidney issue and retake the urine test in a few weeks. MaryAnn concurred. I was the one who initiated the request for lab work to be ordered as well. It was within this waiting period that you terminated me from the practice.

In changing to a very reputable doctor in another practice I discovered, after extensive lab work, that I do not suffer from any issues with my kidneys, that the diet Mary Ann recommended was totally counterproductive and in fact brought on another severe attack of my gout. By the way, your office was quite aware that I suffered from gout.

You, Dr. Edwald, only filled the prescription for seventeen days, instead of thirty days, until you and your practice were informed that it was a violation of CT State law. It is against is against CT State Law not to fill the prescription for thirty days from termination and in so doing you and your practice were guilty of patient abandonment. Furthermore, I firmly believe that the root cause of this serious issue was the fault of Kate and I fully expect a letter of apology from Kate and from your practice before this truly gets out of hand.

Harvey Edwards

CC: CT State Heath Dept
CC: Heath Dept, Washington, DC
CC: American Medical Association
AMA Plaza
330 N. Wabash Ave., Suite 39300
Chicago, IL 60611-5885


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Unless you are a woman that likes being treated like a piece of meat use your power. Get rid of this (trump) ANIMAL as you have the Intelligence, the perseverance, the numbers, common sense and you will certainly not be fooled by the bullshit trump puts out. The time is right to fight against the stupidity, the womanizers in America, the threat to yourself, family and American's. Women UNITE and fight this blight (trump) that has used and abused everyone in his path. You are our only hope to SAVE America and what this country stands for and it must have common sense for those in power and most importantly the respect women deserve, demand above and beyond men.
By Harvey Edwards 2018
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012



It all started when I was 10 and got my first camera and took a picture of two people walking by and I think it something to do with the fact that at 5 when we moved to Massapequa, Long Island, NY those who had any talent blossomed there, some of them you know like the Baldwin brothers, Jerry Seinfeld, mobster Carlo Gambino, Joe Donnelly US Senator, and the list goes on and on, why, not a clue but many more came from Massapequa and it's a mystery to me even today. It was then I discovered to express myself through photography. After taking my fist picture I then went home and developed the negatives and printed this one image. I said to myself I just stopped time forever for that one image I captured. From then on I knew this would be my life. To express what I felt or had to say through images. I did take some classes in school,matter of fact it was the first year they offered photography as a class at Massapequa High School, Long Island New York where I graduated. It was very basic but it got me started.

Then in the Air Force during the Vietnam War I was a photographer and they also taught me the solid basics of photography, but it was the desire and the perseverance that pushed me forward to create images and printing every day for years until I perfected a way to express myself. I have had two books published "ART OF DANCE " and "FAIRFAX " working on my third. I also have written one hundred and twenty political blogs. Several images I created titled "LEG WARMERS" and "BALLET SLIPPERS " are now called iconic dance images recognized around the world and have sold over 2 million copies and still selling in 86 countries.My work is in the collection at the Centre Pompidou, The Whitney Museum, The Museum of Fine Arts, The Museum of Modern Art, Long Beach Museum, and many other just to name a few. 

CBS SUNDAY MORNING produced a segment about my work which received rave reviews. My works are in over 200 TV shows, movies, music videos, and commercials. My images, "LEG WARMERS" and "BALLET SLIPPERS" are several of the most recognizable dance images worldwide and will continue on selling long after I'm gone. You ask yourself after some 39 years why it's still one of the top-selling dance prints and the answer is that particular image conveyed one's determination, passion, love of work and most of all it tells a story we can all relate to in life.

Art is, for me, a means of communication.Thus, the camera is a tool for focusing my perception, concentrating observation into an image. The result is to evoke emotion. To evoke an experience; illuminations as opposed to explanation. The image as a visual dialogue between the artist and the viewer's perception.

To say that these images are "about" something is to translate them into words, disregarding their power as art. If they were about philosophy, they would be better written as thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. At best, they are informed by a philosophy. A philosophy of life, evident in every photograph I have created. A manifestation of my political, emotional, philosophical understanding of the world, focused onto the visual plane.

 Till the day I leave this world, I will fight for justice and against all politicians that lie, deceive and destroy humanity in America and worldwide. Women and men must be treated equally and all immigrants coming to America for a life of freedom, equality and a life without fear of persecution that prevails around the world in many countries. Now, this brings me to why I have written this short version of who I am and the reason why I create. In my dance, music and figure studies series the photographs have been shot thru my personal sense of wonder, artistic vision and my way of expressing emotions visually and politically (political images not included). Other images included are to show a small spectrum of my work. I am now working on my biography which I hope when finished will be an interesting read. Starting when I was five to the present. With all the ups and downs, from a train wreck, car crashes, having Agoraphobia for over 45 years, all the money I pissed away to the realization that money does not buy happiness and your adventure in life only comes around once, so make the best of it. Enjoy the simple things in life, the sky, the trees, the rain, and most importantly of all your family, friends and the love you have to share with them.That is what life is all about and since it's short every second counts











Women breaking thru the political barriers that men
 have placed upon them.









 You can't get blood from a STONE or can you ?



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